1. stupid, Inf. dumb, Inf. dopey, Inf. moronic, empty-headed, unintelligent, imbecilic, ox-like; dull, inexpressive, expressionless; addlepated, ad-dleheaded, addlebrained, muddled, muddleheaded; dull-witted, Sl. dimwitted, slow-witted, half-witted, witless, unwitty; mindless, Rare. insulse, brainless, fatuitous; dense, thick, bovine, obtuse, Boeotian, stolid, oafish, loutish, cloddish, lumpish, blunt; doltish, blockish, asslike, blockheaded, dunderheaded, noodleheaded; boneheaded, wooden-headed, thickheaded, thickskulled; obstinate, stubborn, intractable, mulish, obdurate, unyielding, unbending.
2. idiotic, anserine, foolish; silly, absurd, inane, pointless, fatuous; nonsensical, senseless, crack-brained, Scot. doiled, Sl. cockeyed, Scot, and North Eng. glaikit; ridiculous, laughable, derisible, risible, ludicrous, Sl. for the birds; All Sl. balmy, dippy, batty, cuckoo, buggy, screwy, wacky, goofy, loony.
3. incautious, imprudent, indiscreet, irresponsible, injudicious; unwise, ill-considered, ill-suited, ill-advised, impolitic; impetuous, impulsive, hasty, shortsighted, heedless, unheeding; foolhardy, headlong, rash, brash, unwary; reckless, careless, thoughtless.

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  • Asinine — As i*nine, a. [L. asininus, fr. asinus ass. See {Ass}.] Of or belonging to, or having the qualities of, the ass, as stupidity and obstinacy. Asinine nature. B. Jonson. Asinine feast. Milton. [1913 Webster] …   The Collaborative International Dictionary of English

  • asinine — index fatuous, ludicrous, obtuse, opaque, puerile, unreasonable Burton s Legal Thesaurus. William C. Burton. 2006 …   Law dictionary

  • asinine — c.1600, obstinate, stupid, from L. asininus stupid, lit. like an ass, from asinus ass, also dolt, blockhead (see ASS (Cf. ass) (1)). The literal sense in English is recorded from 1620s …   Etymology dictionary

  • asinine — *simple, fatuous, silly, foolish Analogous words: *stupid, crass, dumb, dense, dull, slow: puerile (see YOUTHFUL): irrational, unreasonable Antonyms: sensible, judicious Contrasted words: *wise, sane, prudent, sapient, sage: intelligent, clever,… …   New Dictionary of Synonyms

  • asinine — [adj] senseless absurd, cretinous, daft, foolish, half witted, idiotic, inane, moronic, silly, sophomoric, stupid; concepts 402,548 …   New thesaurus

  • asinine — ► ADJECTIVE ▪ extremely stupid or foolish. DERIVATIVES asininity noun. ORIGIN Latin asininus, from asinus ass …   English terms dictionary

  • asinine — [as′ə nīn΄] adj. [L asininus < asinus, ass] of or like an ass; esp., having qualities regarded as characteristic of asses; stupid, silly, obstinate, etc. SYN. SILLY asininely adv …   English World dictionary

  • asinine — adj. asinine to + inf. (it was asinine to behave like that) * * * [ æsɪnaɪn] asinine to + inf. (it was asinine to behave like that) …   Combinatory dictionary

  • asinine — asininely, adv. asininity /as euh nin i tee/, n. /as euh nuyn /, adj. 1. foolish, unintelligent, or silly; stupid: It is surprising that supposedly intelligent people can make such asinine statements. 2. of or like an ass: asinine obstinacy;… …   Universalium

  • asinine — [[t]æ̱sɪnaɪn[/t]] ADJ GRADED (disapproval) If you describe something or someone as asinine, you mean that they are very foolish. [FORMAL] I have never heard such an asinine discussion. Syn: idiotic, moronic …   English dictionary

  • asinine — adjective Etymology: Latin asininus, from asinus ass Date: 15th century 1. extremely or utterly foolish < an asinine excuse > 2. of, relating to, or resembling an ass Synonyms: see simple • asininely adverb …   New Collegiate Dictionary

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